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Constipation - Causes And Home Remedies Health Articles | May 27 Customized Patriots Jersey , 2011
Constipation may be defined as a disorder characterized by the improper bowel movement. Drying or hardening of stool in the rectum leads to much difficulty and straining for long hours while moving bowel.

Constipation may be defined as a disorder characterized by the body's incapacity to move bowel freely and properly. Drying and hardening of stool in the rectum leads to much difficulty and straining for long hours while moving bowel. Therefore the process of moving bowel is quite painful for a person with constipation. Over-exertion may at times result in another ailment called piles. One bowel movement each day is the normal pattern of bowel movement. Depending upon bowel movement counts, constipation may be classified as acute, severe and chronic. Sudden or recent onset of constipation in the midst of normal bowel moving pattern is referred to as acute constipation.?

We all have experienced acute constipation some times or the other. Chronic constipation is one that continues for long duration. Less than one bowel movement per week is referred to as severe constipation. Constipation produces symptoms like infrequent bowel movement, pressurizing while passing stool, passage of hard stool Cheap Patriots Jersey , feeling of incomplete evacuation of bowel, coated tongue, bad breath, headache, giddiness Jake Bailey Patriots Jersey , loss of appetite, occurrence of pimples, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea, dark circles under eyes Hjalte Froholdt Patriots Jersey , unexplained weight loss, acidity, mouth ulcer, varicose vein and rectal bleeding.?

The root-cause of constipation lies in the delayed or slow movement of digesting food through colon. When digesting food passes through colon, colon absorbs the water from it Yodny Cajuste Patriots Jersey , thereby forming the waste material or stool which is pushed towards the rectum by means of muscular contractions in colon. When colon absorbs all or more water than usual, the stool becomes extremely hard, dry and sticky and too difficult to be passed out during bowel movement. In such a case, the person is said to be constipated. Occurrence of constipation may be attributed to the following factors:

1. Aging
2. Excessive consumption of dairy products.
3. Low fiber diet
4. Inadequate water intake
5. Irregular eating habit
6. Inactivity
7. Weak abdominal muscles
8. Stress
9. Resisting frequently the urge of bowel movement.
10. Irregular routine of bowel movement
11. Overuse of laxatives resulting in weak colon muscles.
12. Medications like narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants Damien Harris Patriots Jersey , anticonvulsants, iron supplements, certain antacids etc.
13. Irritable bowel syndrome
14. Certain diseases like hypothyroidism, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries Chase Winovich Patriots Jersey , multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, depression, diabetes, colon tumors Joejuan Williams Patriots Jersey , colonic inertia, intestinal pseudo-obstruction etc.
15. Hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy, menses, menopause etc.

Home Remedies for Constipation

1. Eat home made bread made out of one part of wheat and two parts of black gram powder along with husk. This ensures effective cleansing of bowel.

2. Boil 10-12 dry, seedless grapes in milk. Drink the milk and chew the grapes after dinner. This is an effective home remedy for constipation.

3. Eat mangoes in plenty. Mango relieves constipation.

4. Take dates soaked in milk along with the milk. This prevents constipation.

5. Eat a guava early morning in empty stomach. This is an effective constipation cure.

6. Drink half cup cabbage juice 2 times daily. This helps to get rid of constipation.

7. Drink a glass full of carrot juice mixed with spinach juice and get freedom from constipation.

8. Drink a mixture of half cup olive oil and half cup orange juice daily. This cures constipation.

9. Take 3-4 teaspoons of castor oil regularly to put an end to constipation.

10. Drink a glass of hot water by mixing in to it N'Keal Harry Patriots Jersey , lime juice and a pinch of salt. This provides relief from constipation.

11. Drinking the water stored in copper vessel overnight, cleans bowel thoroughly. The Dubai Museum

Located in the most ancient building of the city, the Al Fahidy Fortress, established in 1787, the Dubai Museum is perhaps one of the most notable in the city. The fortress served as the residence of the governor of the city as well during many periods of history. Today Jarrett Stidham Patriots Jersey , the museum takes visitors coming from various places around the world to spend their holidays in Dubai to a journey to watch the history of Islamic schools and a live demonstration of the traditional crafts of the country.

The museum opens from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 in the evening (Saturday to Thursday)

Friday from 2 at noon until 8:30 in the evening.

The Camels' House

This museum is dedicated to the significant role camels played in the lives of Arabs throughout history. The Camel's House consists mainly of a wide-open courtyard that was used as a stable for camels. The museum now has many sections illustrating this strong relation between humans and camels especially in the Arabian Peninsula. A large number of tourists who travel to Dubai love to explore such museums.

The Museum opens from 8 in the morning until 2 at noon from Sunday to Thursday.

The Coffee Museum

This museum is dedicated to coffee lovers coming from all over the globe to enjoy a vacation in Dubai. It illustrates the history of coffee and the different approaches of its production. The Coffee Museum shows the specific and dissimilar tools used to produce coffee. Off course, after their tour of the museum, guests can enjoy the best coffee in the world in the cafe of the museum.

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