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White Sox Luis Aparicio Jersey
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TOPIC: White Sox Luis Aparicio Jersey
White Sox Luis Aparicio Jersey 4 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 0
IPhone and IPhone App Reviews in the News Computers Articles | October 4 White Sox Early Wynn Jersey , 2010
With so many iPhone games out there today and iPhone apps as well White Sox Robin Ventura Jersey , it is surprising that anyone gets any work done at all. If you are one of those many thousands that owns an IPhone then you are sure to want to keep up to date with the latest reviews. There are so many new applications being thrust out there almost on a daily basis that is very confusing as to which are good and which are not.

You don?t want to go out and spend your cash on an application or game that is useless without researching it first. Sometimes review sites are great for that and other times the review for a new application works its way into the news for the IPhone on the Internet. One of the new applications for the IPhone about to hit the market is called Gwiggle. As opposed to some games that can be expensive if you are not careful White Sox Bill Melton Jersey , this application is very reasonably priced and so far has had some great initial iPhone application reviews. If you are a new parent then this application could be ideal for your needs. All new parents are proud of their new addition to the family. All you want to do is record all their movements and actions for prosperity over the years so you can look back on them with fondness in years to come. In the past this would have been recorded manually with the use of a book and just written in there. Photos could also be taken to show the steps your baby took or their first words for example are all recorded. With the growing advancement in technology nowadays White Sox Paul Konerko Jersey , this application has just hit the headlines as the latest thing to have. It is essentially a baby book that you can use to keep track of everything to do with your baby?s early years and growing up. All of the features in this application have been carefully developed and thought out. Additionally using the features is very simple. As applications go this looks like it could turn out to be very popular at such a cheap price. There is a section in which you can enter details about your baby that are important to you like for example the weight when they were born. In the doctor?s section there is an area where you can write down any doctor?s appointments your baby has and the contact details needed for that appointment. This is where the vital injections come under as so many people forget these from time to time. The photo area is where you can store photos of your baby?s life for future use. You are able to make things more appealing with the addition of a gallery to chart the stages in your baby?s life from birth to first steps and beyond. There is also a tooth fairy section where their dental history is charted. Within the growth area you can record your baby?s height and weight over the months that pass. Everything that has been illustrated about this application so far for the IPhone points to it being user friendly and well presented. It looks like this has hit the headlines for the right reasons and will turn out to be very successful in the market.

How do members of the public steal from cash registers?

Members of the public can steal cash straight from your shop cash register cash drawer by leaning across (when staff are absent) and pressing the cash drawer release key. The cash drawer opens automatically revealing the cash inside.

Meanwhile it is not unknown for people to steal the entire cash register. The cash registers are rarely secured to the counter top and as some are smaller and more light-weight than others White Sox Ozzie Guillen Jersey , they can simply be lifted off the counter.

How do staff steal from cash registers?

Cash registers are vulnerable to dishonest staff who steal from cash registers by taking money straight out of the cash drawer and keeping it. Alternatively they may only scan so many items for people who they know White Sox Luis Aparicio Jersey , letting them take the rest of the goods without payment.

Every year retail profits are affected adversely by cash register theft and fraud. The good news is that there are ways to prevent it.

Ten tips to preventing cash register fraud and theft

1. CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras can be positioned on the ceiling above the cash register with the view showing the employee and the customer. Signage is very important when using CCTV and in itself can often be a deterrent.

2. Staff log-in and out codes (clerk codes)

All staff should have their own cash register security code which they must use at all times to log on and off the system. Not all cash registers allow for this White Sox Ron Santo Jersey , but many of the higher priced cash registers do. It is very important to be able to know who is doing what with your shop till. If money has gone missing often the error or theft can be traced back to the exact member of staff but only if they use their clerk codes when operating the cash register.

3. Secure the cash register

Fixing the cash register to the counter top will prevent the cash register from being easily lifted off the counter top by would be thieves.

ve large sums of notes regularly

Regularly remove large sums of notes from the cash drawer and place it in a secure safe. This ensures that the cash registers do not contain large amounts of money at any one time preventing large scale theft. Make it known that the shop cash register never holds large amounts of money via signage.

5. Safety in numbers

If possible always have at least two members of staff working on the tills. They can then observe each other preventing employee theft as well as acting as a deterrent for thieves.

6. Train staff to be alert

Staff should be alert at all times when operating the cash register and always use their own codes for logging in and out of the machine. This is for their benefit as much as it is for yours.

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