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Serge Aurier Jersey
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TOPIC: Serge Aurier Jersey
Serge Aurier Jersey 6 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 0
Ever notice how customer service varies from store to store? You walk into some stores Wholesale Paris Saint-Germain Jerseys , and before you can say "Buzz off!" a salesperson asks "May I help you?"

"No thanks."

"May I help you?" asks another.

"No thanks."

"May I help you?" asks a third.

When the store runs out of salespeople, you get to see the merchandise. This is called "in your face customer service"

Other stores take the opposite approach. When you can't find the right size adapter for your new portable electronic zapper gizmo thingy, you look for help in aisle three. Nobody there. Aisle four? Still nobody. Aisle five? Nope. Aisle six? Seven? Fifty-six?

This is called "run for cover customer service".

Then there is the equipment shop that welcomes you with open arms when your lawn tractor starts sounding like dentures in a blender.

"It just needs a routine cleaning. We charge $150 for that," the friendly salesman says. Then he lowers his voice. "But you could probably do it yourself."

You commend him on his helpfulness. He beams with pride. "Yup. I thought it up by myself. Whenever a customer tries to fix something at home, we make a whole lot more money the next day. Think my boss will give me a raise for this?"

I call this "do-it-yourself-extortion".

And what about the three companies that came to quote on some ductwork? Each looks around Cheap Paris Saint-Germain Jerseys , takes some notes and promises to get back to us with a quote.

We wait. And wait. And wait.

We call back the first company, which promises to get back to us with its quote. It makes the same promise consistently each time we call. I just love a reliable company.

This is called "consistent filibuster customer service".

We call the second company. We call them in the day. We call them in the night. We call them in the dark. We call them in the light. We call them in the morn. Well call them at high noon. We call them at dinner, and by the light of the moon.

Even bad poetry doesn't help. I just love a company that doesn't pester me by answering the phone.

I call this "Invisible Man customer service".

In the end, we choose a third company. To what does it owe the winning bid? Excellent quality? No. Great price? No. Strong guarantee? No? Answering their phone? Yes.

We hire the best paperwork fillers to renovate our ductwork ? and we cross our fingers that we never have to choose a heart surgeon that way.

I call this "present-at-attendance customer service".

Our pest control company showed us a different approach.

"Honey, the flies are getting in the house. Time to call Pest Control Guy."

"OK Yuri Berchiche Jersey , I'll do it right after I answer the phone. Hello?

"Hello, this is Pest Control Guy. When would you like your annual pest controlling?"

"How did you know? Well, as soon as possible. Hold on, that's the door bell."

"Hello, this is Pest Control Guy."

"But Thomas Meunier Jersey , you were just on the phone."

"You said ASAP, so here I am."

I call this "customer service on steroids".

If you own a business, run a family or do anything that brings you into contact with other human beings, please take note. One of these customer service styles is actually good.

"Hello, this is Pest Control Guy."

OK Thiago Silva Jersey , that's enough. We don't have pests in this column.

"Hello, this is Pest Control Guy."

By the way, if you want to provide feedback to this column, I'll be holding my hands over my ears and singing the Klingon national anthem. I call that "satirical customer service."

"Hello, this is..." SWAT!

(Please email me at Info@ if you have any customer service stories you would like to see in a future column.)

About The Author

The author is David Leonhardt. To receive his satirical happiness column weekly Thiago Motta Jersey , sign up at or read more columns at This article first appeared at
And That Is The Name Of The Game Marketing Articles | December 13, 2001
And That Is The Name Of The Gameby John ... morning I had a very ... ... with Rok ... one of my partners in 3R ... The ... with Rok started out discuss

And That Is The Name Of The Game
by John Botscharow

This morning I had a very enlightening discussion with Rok Hrastnik, one of my partners in 3R Marketing. The conversation with Rok started out discussing self-reflection. Rok is nineteen years old and at that point in his life where his summer has been quite an education for him. He has, perhaps for the first time, had to shoulder some serious adult responsibilities (very well. I may add). That's enough to make any young person tend toward self-reflection.

We got around to discussing why I do marketing on the Internet. As those of you who have been to our web site or to my old Robomarketer site know Serge Aurier Jersey , my son Ian, whose fifth birthday was a week ago, was diagnosed as autistic just after his second birthday. Ian is only slightly verbal. He communicates much like an 18-month-old, mainly with gestures and a few words. Like many autistics, Ian has a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder Roli Pereira de Sa Jersey , attention deficit disorder, and hyperactivity. He can be somewhat difficult to be around if you don't know him. When he was diagnosed as autistic, my wife and I made a decision that one of us would always be available for him. Because of a lot of factors that are not relevant to this article, it became my responsibility to find a way to earn some money so that I could be available for Ian. That is what led me to the Internet. Only logical, don't you think?

But what led me to marketing almost 20 years ago? If you are familiar with my academic background Remy Descamps Jersey , you know that my degrees are in areas far from the traditional education that people in mark. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale New Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Shop WholesaleNFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap
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