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It probably won't happen alone
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TOPIC: It probably won't happen alone
It probably won't happen alone 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago Karma: 0
I would generally agree in the event of paying lip service to social issues without also placing support and money to advocate for Madden 21 coins change or implementing it to the organization and their work in the very least. That said police brutality is not just something that a company like EA throwing money at the issue does considerably towards fixing. At best they put money towards the attorneys and groups that fight to see justice after the fact or lobby to have laws changed that at the present government won't. It's systemic issues in authorities of not reporting their particular and holding them liable rather staying quiet and with the authorities unions which allow it all to happen or in a sense even encourage it by the repercussions being a slap on the wrist followed by being hired at a different precinct showing them there's no consequences. Before even getting to legislation and rulings such as qualified immunity which shield abusive cops and permit them to abuse their power . The majority of that EA and most capitalist companies are not able to do all that much about making it unfair to say they are at the best possible position to do much more.

The ones at the best possible place to do more would be the assumed good cops by no longer remaining quiet and enabling bad cops to eliminate their abuse of power or voting for superior direction for their unions that will not enable the behaviour. But of course it's just words. Companies will only ever do these things once public opinion has turned into one way. Even if all businesses ceased doing things wrong, it is going to take a long, long time for this image of buy Mut 21 coins corporate America to reduce its tarnish. Part of what we can do is pick politicians that promise they'll hold these corporations accountable. It probably won't happen alone. This could be a lot easier if someone like this could run for office .
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